Hello, I am an academic working at the University of Nottingham in the Department of Philosophy. I have taught here since 2015, before which I gained my PhD at the University of Sheffield.

My research focus is social reality – spanning social ontology and political philosophy.  I am also interested, more widely, in questions in epistemology (particularly relating to epistemic justice/injustice); feminism (particularly relating to gender identity) ; and metaphysics (particularly social metaphysics).

To find out more about my work please see my Research Page.

I am currently teaching Philosophy of Race. Previously I have taught a wide range of subjects, please see my teaching page for more information.

I occasionally fraternise with artists and I am part of LCAC: A Manchester-based collective of artists & thinkers interested in the politics of social space. The photo of fly-posted pigeon prints – which forms the header/sidebar image of this page – is from a community funded two week event we delivered in 2015. It also involved a (ultimately failed – but fun) attempt to (collectively) read out the entirety of Karl Marx’s Capital (in English), which raised money for Manchester and Salford children’s charity Wood Street Mission.